call to love

As a Christian, I love talking to my friends about the great things that God is doing in my life. I equally love hearing about what the Lord is doing in my friends’ lives as well. When things aren’t going that great and all of a sudden get turned around, we get excited at what God is doing for us. And we should, because He is doing great things. When things are going well, we thank Him. When something that’s just too crazy to just be a coincidence happens, we love to say “look what God did!” And we absolutely should get excited about these things. We should tell our friends, believers and nonbelievers, about the miracles and little blessings we see every day.

Recently, God told me that there’s more. There’s more than seeing His hand in everything. That’s a great thing to do, seeing what He does in our lives. But when we stop here, we’re missing out on a lot. We’re so content with seeing how God fits in our lives, but what we should be doing first is seeing how our lives fit into Him (and His plans).

When we start “living for Him” there should be action behind that statement. Every day should be a sacrifice. “God, what can I do for You today?” He moves in our lives because He loves us, but also because He wants us to know He’s there so we can grow with Him. He doesn’t need us, but He wants to use us to show His love to others. If we aren’t open to this, who’s blessings are we blocking?

Jesus commanded us one thing- to love each other. Love is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling. Feelings fade- love doesn’t. God’s love never fades or fails us, and so our love should never fail the people around us. Love is action. Love is truth. We show people we love them with service and the truth of the gospel. But the best part is that we’re all called to do this in different ways. When God begins to break our hearts for what breaks His, we don’t all feel called in the same way. I might be called to orphans, you might be called to addicts. That’s the beauty in daily sacrifice, when we all do our part, we can love so many people. And through love- true, real love- comes change.

Think about what God’s done in your life. Think about what He’s saved you from. Think about the people He’s used to get you where you are now. How have you returned it? I’ve felt the conviction lately. I haven’t gone out of my comfort zone to serve people. I haven’t given the Lord my full attention or time. I haven’t listened every time He put someone or something on my heart. Who’s blessing am I blocking when I’m selfish? Do I really think my plans in my head are better than God’s?

The truth is that there is someone around you, right here right now, that desperately needs something. Maybe they are starving in need of food. Maybe they are depressed in need of joy. Well, I know the bread of life and the source of everlasting joy. Who am I not to share that with someone?

Who are you being called to love? A friend? A family member? Sponsor a child? Feed the homeless? Go on a mission trip? That man that’s always drunk at the bar? The girl in class everyone else gossips about? That one person you feel like you see everywhere lately and you just don’t know why? That guy that says he know the Lord but his lifestyle says the opposite and now people have given up on him?

My prayer for myself and whoever reads this is that the Lord changes our hearts. That we love people as He called us to, not how the world defines it. That He uses us to bless someone, to share His unfailing, everlasting love for them. And then that they, in turn, remember what God did through us and goes on to spread love to someone else. More simply, I’m praying we remember our Maker, remember Who we’re praying to, and that we start to give Him more and more every day.

1 John 3:18 – Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

Isaiah 55: 8-9 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your ways,  and my thoughts than your thoughts.”


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