The last couple of days it’s been on my mind how people say “Oh God feels far away? Well He doesn’t move so, who did?”

To be honest, when everyone would say “oooh that’s good,” I’d always feel a little mix of guilt and fear. Can a couple of days/weeks of mixed up priorities really land me far away from God?

The answer that’s been revealed to me after months of this uneasiness is NO.

He’s still right here. He’s still with me, walking this walk with me. By my side, He is always there. His Spirit dwells inside of me. His Word promises us that he will never leave us or abandon us (Deuteronomy 31:6). There is nothing I can do that is unforgivable to God, who Himself is forgiveness. He does not and will not leave me, no matter what I do.

I was shown the illustration of myself walking alongside a friend. If I put on headphones and turn up my music, I won’t hear her voice. It’s rude and hurtful to my friend, but it doesn’t mean she disappears. If I turn my attention to other things, ignore her and don’t look at her, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still  right beside me. Now, as a human, she’d probably get annoyed and hurt and my actions and leave me to walk alone.

BUT GOD is God. He is not human, and He promises He will never leave us. When we tune Him out with the music of the world and set our attention on other things, we can hurt Him, but HE WILL NOT WALK AWAY. He is never far. He is always right here, by us and in us, waiting for us to tune out the world for a change and tune into Him.



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